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Controversial Commentators

Sri Jegarajah
Sri Jegarajah is an experienced business and financial markets correspondent at...
Based on 4 Total Reviews
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an anchor and reporter for the network’s Business...
Based on 8 Total Reviews
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo is an American business news anchor and interviewer. Since 1993...
Based on 24 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

kidspouseme Becky Quick
Becky Quick - Commentator.
Becky is beautiful and smart. Always has the hair done, but if you actually do listen to her, you might like what she is working on. Probably one of the best on CNBC.
tim Nassim Taleb
Outside The Box, Waaaaaay Outside
NT has written 2 of my favorite books and his entire line of thinking is a breadth of fresh air in an industry full of people pretending to be smart/useful...this guy actually is smart/useful...
Darthtrader Chris Matthews
First of all, I can't stand his voice. Even if the content of what he was saying was any good, I'd have to read a transcript. Second of all, this guy is more biased than the politicians he...
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Commentators Categories