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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an anchor and reporter for the network’s Business...
Based on 8 Total Reviews
Tim Seymour
Tim Seymour is the founder and Managing Partner at Seygem Asset Management and...
Based on 5 Total Reviews
Michael Eisner
Michael Eisner was the chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company from...
Based on 3 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

Tastylunch James Altucher
Talent wasted by pointless grandstanding
I don't get it , Altucher is a smart dude I can tell. I've seen his conversations with sykes. I've read some of his columns , I've read a little of one his books (got intrerrupted and forgot...
betheball Jenna Lee
does she speak english?
really doesn't matter as I just watch her on mute....
kidspouseme Carter Worth
Carter Worth - commentator
Maybe it is just me, but I think this guy brought charting to a new level of acceptance. Used to be, no one with dough, on wall st. seemed to believe in the charts. Or so it seemed. It...
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Commentators Categories