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Controversial Commentators

Sri Jegarajah
Sri Jegarajah is an experienced business and financial markets correspondent at...
Based on 4 Total Reviews
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an anchor and reporter for the network’s Business...
Based on 8 Total Reviews
Suze Orman
Suze Orman has been called "a force in the world of personal finance" and a...
Based on 33 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

Darthtrader Chris Matthews
First of all, I can't stand his voice. Even if the content of what he was saying was any good, I'd have to read a transcript. Second of all, this guy is more biased than the politicians he...
kidspouseme Suze Orman
Suze Orman - commentator
Suze is the ultra conservative against the american way of spending queen. I'll give it to her, she did come from the bottom and made her way to the top in the market. But she is more or...
gregg Karen Finerman
Best on Fast Money
Karen is the only one with substantial street cred. on Fast Money. She has a hell of a resume and does a wonderful job on Fast Money. Her picks are those that I will listen to, unlike the...
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Commentators Categories