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Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina signed on with the Fox Business Network to become a business...
Based on 3 Total Reviews
Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer believes that there is always a bull market somewhere, and he wants...
Based on 61 Total Reviews
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an anchor and reporter for the network’s Business...
Based on 8 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

keatz Nassim Taleb
Great stuff, but let's see something new
"Fooled by Randomness" and "The Black Swan" should be read by any and every individual who wants to make a living in finance and economics. His insights are extremely valuable and help us...
m1llz28 Rebecca Diamond
I use to watch her show often when she was on the Happy Hour until it ended last June. She is very attractive and seems very smart. Now she's on a show with David Asman on America's Nightly...
deadjim Maria Bartiromo
She reminds me of a west side story
I almost choked on the air I was inhaling when I saw that Maria Bartiromo was waiting here for me to bash on! Lets get though the most important facts first: 1) Either her lips are extra...
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Commentators Categories