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Pinnacle Capital Markets

Category: Brokers
Pinnacle was founded with a mission to deliver efficient market access to the trading community, with the highest level of professionalism. Our customer-centric approach is one of the major factors that set us apart from our competition. Our experience in supporting clients in over 25 countries has lead to an array of comprehensive, end-to-end trading solutions unparalleled in the industry. The Pinnacle Group of Financial Companies include:
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Beat the Penson Traffic with Pinnacle
Customer service: Very Good (5/5) - Contact via Yahoo Messenger, Email, Telephone

Clearing: Good (4/5) - Accounts are held by Penson Financial services company for clearing, custody and protection.

Commissions: Good (4/5) - Good commission structure. Two plans available: (1) Per Trade: 9.95 USD OR (2) Per Share: 0.015 USD per share, 5 USD minimum and ECN/routing fees are not included. For trading large volumes of shares per month, more rebates are negotiable.

Tools: Very Good (5/5) - Peak Access software 99 USD per month, Peak Lite software 19 USD per month, Browser based software is free. Software was originally created by Bank of America ETS division. Demo versions of the software are available.

Value Add: Very Good (5/5) - There are 9 top ranked online brokerages for 2010 that clear through Penson Financial LLC which are namely as follows: ThinkOrSwim, MB Trading, TradeKing, tradeMONSTER, OptionsHouse, ChoiceTrade, Lightspeed, Zecco Trading, Cobra Trading. How about beating the crowd and going with a broker not so overpopulated by the retail crowd?

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