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Ensign Capital Management, Inc.

Category: Brokers
The ECM High Yield Bond investment strategy uses active management to purchase and hold high yield bond assets during times when high yield asset prices are rising. Alternatively, ECM attempts to sell high yield bond assets when prices are falling to avoid losses.
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Very best TimerTrac-audited performance that I know of
Check out the performance (independently audited by TimerTrac) of this service which offers managed accounts that attempt to time the high-yield bond market. As of this writing (March 3rd 2010), this service is disturbingly, almost unbelievably good. They seem to get in on all the gains while avoiding all the losses, and they have the longest track-record I have seen on TimerTrac (since 1997).

One thing that lends credence to this performance being for real is research I read on Marketsci which reported that even simple weekly trend-following works very well on high-yield bonds. Maybe they are doing something like that. I've started using a similar timing method on my own bond investments.

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