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Yes, You Can Time the Market!

Category: Books
Timing the market is possible - and it's safer and more profitable than being invested in stocks all the time. Economits, financial fraud buster, comedian and all-around smart guy Ben Stein team up with advisor Phil DeMuth to prove that “Yes, you...
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Ben Stein is a genius
Ben Stein lives one of the most successful lives of all celebrities. I can't speak for his personal life. This book is all about market timing and how it do it. Personally, I believe market timing is possible but only on the most extreme oversold/overbought conditions which indicate a reversal. Ben Stein claims that you can use a 15 year average of price to earnings to ride the market and believes in holding long term. I found this book to be generally entertaining and easy to read, but I did not find the information useful at all as a trader. I originally picked it up at a yard sale because I'm a fan of Ben Stein.

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Deadjim Little Rock, AR

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