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Uncertainty and Expectation: Strategies for the Trading of Risk

Category: Books
In this entertaining and thoughtful book, Gerald Ashley sets out to explain what trading is, and lays out a modus operandi for the investor and trader. He draws upon personal experiences, market anecdotes and examples from the past, seeking to...
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Complex read
Everyone tries to predict the future. The lucky are right and the unlucky are wrong. But simply predicting the future is a lazy person's way of making choices without thought or analysis.

In "The Era of Uncertainty", Francois Trahan and Katherine Krantz pay respect to the truly complex and shifting economic world we live in. Instead of just saying this is the way the economic world will turn out and finding evidence to support their case, these authors do the heavy lifting and provide insightful analysis as to why and how one of many different economic scenarios could play out. Armed with their unbiased and objective analysis, the authors provide you the tools to help recognize the direction of the economy today and then guide you toward strategies to maximize your investment choices for tomorrow. Forget evidence-based medicine, this is evidence-based economics at its best.

Most importantly, this book is not just a one-time read. Instead, the money-wise will recognize this book as an on-the-ready reference to respond to the inevitable economic shifts that define today's dynamic global economy. This book is destined to become a trusted road-map for the twists and turns in this era of uncertainty.

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