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Trading With The Odds: Using the Power of Statistics to Profit in the futures Market

Category: Books
Every trader will appreciate this reliable, realistic, and systematic approach to trading financial and commodity markets. In a step-by-step manner, the author applies a rigorous mathematical discipline to finanical speculation...
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Concepts alone worth price of admission
It's extremely unfortunate that the negative comments are likely to detract from the value of the book. To be upfront, the book doesn't layout an explicit step-by-step "how to" calculate the proprietary indicators provided in this book. However, that doesn't mean the information is NOT there or could not be derived from the information provided. Those that complain this is simply "marketing" hype for her company - again, this does not mean that the information provided is not of value to a trader. And what's wrong with profiting from one's ideas - give me a break. The information is there is you want to invest the time and energy to understand what she's talking about.

Those that wish to complain about this book appear to have a: lack of basic familiarity in elementary statistics and probability, b: lack the desire to do some homework on their own and c: simply want to "plug and chug" the latest and greatest "holy grail" formula for instant wealth. I can promise you this book is not for anyone with this perspective.

Any one willing to invest the time and energy to gain a better understanding of what the text of this book presents will benefit substantially. Ms. Kase has an engineer's talent to say much in the fewest words possible. Skip over a sentence or two, or breeze through some text in the hopes of getting to the hidden formula, you can be assured you will miss something significant or lose the main point presented.

For those out there looking for the next great "holy grail" plug-and-chug wealth beyond your dreams formula - I assure you will be disappointed with this book. However, if you are interested in pushing your brain cells a bit and are willing to invest some sweat to learn something new, then you'll benefit from the book.

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Fbotticelli New York, NY

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