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Tom O'Brien's Timing The Trade

Category: Books
Inside, Tom will take you through his entire trading system with detailed coverage of Volume Principles, Fibonacci Analysis, Swing Points, and more! Thousands of traders all over the world have already benefited from Tom's disciplined approach to trading, and now you can learn all the tools he uses each day in trading the markets. Whether you are an experienced trader or just learning the basics, this book is an absolute "must have" in any traders library.
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Solid Technical Analysis resource

The book is quite good. Tom has a very good approach to stock with his price & volume analysis with a particular focus on swing points (as opposed to judging by daily average volume). I have had good success applying this to individual stocks. There is also good insight into other aspects such as money management.


Unfortunately, not everything about Tom's approach is in the book but one can pick up those pieces by listening to his daily radio show podcast, available via iTunes or the TFNN website.

Sadly, I have seen the Timing The Trade approach fail miserably in trying to call market direction using only price & volume. So, at time like in 2007 & 2009 Tom was very bearish for long periods, months at a time despite an up trending market.

Volume alone can't account for momentum and as the market is evolving and changing I think his system is incomplete and needs adjusting. it works well quite often on individual stocks, but not in calling market direction.

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ShiraKashi New Bremen, OH

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