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The Secret Lives of Marc Rich - The King of Oil

Category: Books
An empathetic look at the notorious Marc Rich, one of the most successful and controversial commodities traders in recent history and a key figure in the invention of the spot market. With unparalleled access to Rich, his family and associates, business journalist Ammann paints a nuanced portrait of the man vilified for trading with Iran and apartheid-era South Africa, accused of being the biggest tax fraudster in U.S. history and recipient of an infamous presidential pardon. At the pinnacle of his power, Rich presided over a multinational empire, and his opinion on key people in power in various rogue nations was routinely, if clandestinely, sought by the State Department despite his criminal status. Rich has scrupulously guarded his personal history, but Ammann reveals the struggle it was—from his family's escape from the Holocaust through their internment in a North African refugee camp to their bitter years as immigrants in the U.S. in the aftermath of WWII. This meticulous account sets the record straight on a reluctant public figure who lost in the court of public opinion, but escaped being tried in a court of law.
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A biography of the oil trader, Marc Rich
I really enjoyed this book - I don't know anything about commodities or oil trading but found this to be very engaging and well written. Yes, it is biased in Marc Rich's favour but is so quite subtly; not enough to interfere with the story as a whole.

Marc Rich is a very interesting character - this book will serve as more of an inspiration to wannabe traders than a how-to manual. It gives an idea of the sort of life a trader at this level lives - a pretty amazing one! Building secret oil pipelines across Israel, sneaking oil tankers into South Africa under disguise, having members of the Mossad as close friends and allies, a superstar songwriting wife and more money than any man or woman could ever wish for! Not to mention the ear of the President of the United States... pretty awesome and inspiring all round.

If you want a great bedtime read and an insight into the level of power and influence Marc Rich had as the King of Oil, you will love this book.

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