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The Murder of Lehman Brothers: An Insider's Look at the Global Meltdown

Category: Books
On the first anniversary of the murder of Lehman, Joseph Tibman, a 20-year veteran and senior investment banker, reveals in plain English, the people and forces that share responsibility for this catastrophe. His shattering account is told as only...
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Uninspiring and Poorly Written
If you're not educated on the demise of the Lehman Brothers Investment Bank, this may appeal to you. Although it's an insider's take on the course of events, the book's focus comes from a senior investment banker's perspective rather than that of an equities trader as in 'A Colossal Failure of Common Sense.' "Joseph Tibman" makes clear that his choice of anonymity is intended to allow for the possibility of his future employment in the investment banking industry.

Tibman strives to convey the impact that the single-minded focus of the Lehman upper management team had on long-time employees like himself. He describes his emotional scars with awkward phrasing and a generous dose of profanity. The writing suffers from a lack of editing. While he does an excellent job of describing the valiant spirit exhibited by Lehman employees after 9/11, this sense of urgency and focus is missing from the rest of the book. In contrast, Lawrence McDonald's narrative in //Colossal Failure// placed the reader in the action. Tibman's anonymity sacrifices an opportunity for the reader to feel empathy and engagement with the writer. This book feels like a weak second-hand account.


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