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The Micro Cap Investor: Strategies for Making Big Returns in Small Companies

Category: Books
A practical guide to profiting from stocks that fly undetected by Wall Street’s radar
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A really well researched book
This is actually a really well researched book. For example, it mentions that the volatility of a stock portfolio keeps dropping until microcap stocks make up almost 1/2 of it. The author also mentions that this is not possible for managers of huge funds to invest this way--but it is possible for the small investor. I think there are only a very few books on microcap investing, and only one other has relatively good reviews. This book, unlike others, is not about making it big with penny stocks--but rather about microcap investing--which by different definitions just means that the capitalization of a given firm is under a given amount. At any rate, this is a field where the small investor can make money that is not available to managers of mutual funds.

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Ferrarijack louisburg, NC

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