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The Day Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis: How to Use Chart Patterns, Level II and Time of Sales to Profit in Electronic Markets

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Technical analysis¿the analysis of price, volume, and supply/demand imbalance br>has been a staple of serious traders for decades. Now, The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis shows traders already familiar with charts and charting how the...
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Very useful, if somewhat out of date...
There is much useful material, along with a thoughtful approach to creating a daytrading discipline, in this book. I don't fully agree with (and wouldn't expect to) all of Lewis' statements, and, as you might expect, given the changes in the trading environment over the last couple of years, many of his methods and observations are arguably already out of date, but others still apply, and his overall philosophy, perspective, and attitude are probably more important, in my opinion, than the particulars of his personal approach as practiced in and around late 2000. The text includes numerous clear, concrete, and detailed examples, though you may have to look past an L2 screen with a stack of QCOM buyers at 343 13/16 (I just never get over mania-market prices) to receive the message.

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Fbotticelli New York, NY

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