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Rule #1

Category: Books
In his first book, Rule #1, popular investing author Phil Town delivered a #1 New York Times bestseller to people eager to learn to trade the stock market. Now, Phil has captured the mechanics of stockpiling, a classic buy-and-hold strategy used by some of the world's savviest investors to create long-term wealth in down markets. Called Payback Time, Phil outlines his investment strategy specifically to educate "the little guy," teaching fundamentals that can help identify what he terms "wonderful companies" and then learn to purchase those companies' stocks at a discount. In his friendly, straightforward way, Phil motivates readers to take charge of their investments. Bluntly sharing facts about the poor investment returns of many mutual funds managers, Phil teaches people how they can potentially recoup their portfolio losses and retire comfortably – in spite of today's current economic downturn. There IS a secret to investing success and Phil says it best: "You must do it yourself." Find out how you can start your own financial revolution by reading this exciting new book.
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"First off I really hate it when people give reviews before they have even tried it. Does anyone else roll up their eyes when someone gave this book 5 stars and havent even finished it yet?! Investing in the financial market isnt reading a Alex Cross novel. A review either pro or con for a book like this should be thoroughly tested before one suggests others to do the same.

That being said; Today is the one year anniversary of trying this method. I have been investing for over 8 years and graduated at ASU with a degree in Accounting (Managerial Accounting) to be exact. But never resting on my laurels, I decided to take 2 grand to "experiment" using this method.

Im not going to list when and all the companies that I invested in cuz it would frankly just take too much time. This already should tell you that following his chart advice will cause you to get in and out of a particular company a little more frequently then the average person is probably comfortable with.

First off I want to say that for a Novice this is a very good FOUNDATION. But I would strongly hesitate before rolling over my entire retirement portfolio into it. This book has PLENTY of positives to it, and for the beginner it gives you some good pointers and will give you at least SOMETHING to build upon and learn from. This alone beats probably 99% of all the other books out there. Most seem to just offer stocks to buy without giving you a true reason why its a good company to buy. This is a guaranteed way to lose. So for that I give this book kudos.

But this book is far from perfect.

1) The chart idea is mixed at best. It did save me from losing a lot of cash at certain times. But it also prevented me from making huge gains as well"

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