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Retirement Reboot

Category: Books
Retirement Reboot author Dennis Miller had recently retired in 2008 when the bottom fell out of the economy — and his retirement income collapsed. He needed to take control of his finances and create a plan that would return his income to former levels, while protecting his principal from another catastrophic market crash. After three years of re-educating himself for investing in this "new economy", he shares everything he learned in Retirement Reboot. It will tell you • What economic surprises might lie around the corner • Which investments you should dump immediately • If real estate a good idea again • What kinds of brokers you should drop like a hot rock • Which investments will help you thrive in the face of inflation • How to balance your retirement portfolio for safety, growth, and even a little speculation If you want to be prepared for any economic curveball coming your way, then Retirement Reboot is a book you must read.
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"met and listened to Dennis Miller at a Cassey Summit Research, where he was a Subject Matter Expert talking about Retirement.

Mr. Miller effectively covered a variety of interlinking issues that will impact the quality, lifestyle, and security of our retirement.

His book, "Retirement Reboot" is a practical book, written by someone who ACTUALLY practices what he says.

His research is street tested. His ideas are well thought out. His concepts are sound.

Inflation. Hyper Inflation. Deflation. Stagflation. Regardless of where the economy is heading or what you believe, BE prepared.

Mr. Miller will hep you understand what options he has explored and implemented.

Retirement Reboot is one of the easiest book I have read discussing how to get ready for retirement. A must read for anyone who has plans to retire from a JOB comfortably."

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