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R.N. Elliott's Masterworks: The Definitive Collection

Category: Books
R.N. Elliott's Masterworks: The Definitive Collection (Hardcover)
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Adds depth to your Elliott Wave knowledge
If you can get past the truly horrible jacket design for this book which is bright yellow and looks like it took about 10 minutes to put together, you will find a very informative insight into the life of R.N. Elliott and the genesis and evolution of his Wave Principle.

The books starts with a brief but worthwhile biography of Elliott which covers his business career as a consultant (who mainly charged out of additional profits generated - how's that for confidence!) and describes exactly how his Wave Principle came about. Although this section does not really tell you anything useful (or new) about the usage and application of the Wave Principle per se, it does give additional supporting 'evidence' for the meticulous and analytical nature of Elliott himself that builds confidence that his methods are at least worthy of investigation.

The middle section of the book is Elliott's Wave Principle as first outlined by the man himself with useful comments and (rare) corrections (where necessary) by Prechter. Even though Elliott's main work has been later extended and refined by others, it is still informative to see the 'definitive' version direct from the source along with practical application.

The remainder of the book presents articles and essays written by Elliott and gives some background about the underlying fundamental laws of nature and the universe that support the Wave Principle. This section includes many useful perspectives and ideas and is good fuel for further study. I think Elliott himself would have been pleased with the completeness and thoroughness of this book with the only main caveat being the amateurish jacket design.

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