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Options for the Beginner and Beyond: Unlock the Opportunities and Minimize the Risks

Category: Books
Brief, carefully paced lessons on options and trading strategies using verbal definitions and many trading examples for clarification. Each lesson builds on the one preceding it and explains options in plain English, from start to finish...
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Brief and broad
This is not a book for learning the spreads in - depth or trying to really internalize and understand them. This is a great book for a quick reference or primer on spreads. It covers everything a little bit, nothing very much. It takes on subjects that are necessary to learn before spreads, but not in-depth nearly enough to be worth it. If you are a total beginner you will need more than this book

If you are intermediate, this could be a great small book for you. It has pretty much every spread in it, from the basics like collar trades to calender and double diagonals, but only about 4 pages on each of them. It tells you the very basics, like when to use the spread, what risk/reward is, where to put the strikes of the calls/puts you're buying/selling ect. There are risk graphs in it, not just text.

I definitely learned a few things from it, but not enough to feel like I have a thorough understanding of options to the point where I would start trading after this, I would need a more in-depth book. For the price though, it's not bad.

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