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Category: Books
The dramatic story behind the most audacious power grab in American history The financial crisis that exploded in 2008 isn’t past but prologue. The stunning rise, fall, and rescue of Wall Street in the bubble-and-bailout era was the coming-out party for the network of looters who sit at the nexus of American political and economic power. The grifter class—made up of the largest players in the financial industry and the politicians who do their bidding—has been growing in power for a generation, transferring wealth upward through increasingly complex financial mechanisms and political maneuvers. The crisis was only one terrifying manifestation of how they’ve hijacked America’s political and economic life.
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Great Book
Matt Taibbi does an excellent job with this book. I enjoyed reading it from front to back and learned a lot from it as well as laughed out loud. Matt does not hold back on his emotions or language and tells it like he sees it. He beats up on both parties in Washington, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, mortgage scammers, etc. Oh, and he nails Alan Greenspan to the wall. Excellent read!!

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Kevinmg York, PA

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