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Advanced Options Trading: Approaches, Tools, and Techniques for Professionals Traders

Category: Books
As an active trader in today’s market, you are faced with unprecedented challenges. Dramatic price swings in equity, debt, and currency have made it tougher than ever to manage and trade risk. But with great risk, of course, comes great opportunity..
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I can keep this short and sweet: It's not advanced. A lot of the content is stuff that you will have come across if you have read a handful of the other option books out there. If you read all the other intermediate books, you can skip this. If you are just getting into options and only have beginner books at this point, you can make this one of your intermediate books, but for anyone who has done this for a while, don't think of this as an 'advanced' book like the title says.

It goes into more details on spreads than "Options for the Beginner and Beyond" so this can complement that, because this book does assume that you know a bit about spreads, and OBB assumes you don't know anything about spreads and doesn't get in depth.

But that is only one aspect of this book. It has some info on covered calls, and that is way too beginnerish for an advanced book. Same thing with their section on the Greeks. The Greeks can be made into a very advanced topic (to the point of being purely academic) but this has very shallow coverage of it.

My bottom line is that if you don't already have many option books, you can use this. But if you have a bunch of intermediate ones and want an advanced one, don't let the title fool you, this book is not what you need.

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