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A Course in Trading: FT Traders Masterclass Series

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This work was originally published in 1934 as a yearlong course in analysis and was a confidential document available only to subscribers and clients of the Wetsel Market Bureau. The Jerry Favors Analysis recently gave the contents of the course a...
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Good Read
After reading Corey Rosenbloom's, The Complete Trading Course, there was one basic theme that I took away from the book: these days, there is no excuse for your average every-day investor not to at least make an attempt to manage some of his/her own money. And I also couldn't help but hope that many would immediately add Corey's book to their trading library.

The difference between today and twenty years ago is the arrival of the internet and the vast array of tools and information that can now be accessed by just about everyone. Couple that with what Corey achieves in the writing of this book, and you have the building blocks for a solid foundation on which to build a profitable trading strategy for today's markets.

SMB has gotten to know Corey very well as he is a frequent lecturer across the country and shares his trading knowledge daily at his invaluable blog. Corey is a true scholar of the markets and as you read you feel you are in his trading classroom.

I think the closest analogy that I can make for this book is that it's similar to sampling h'orderves at a dinner party. There are many different options. All of them look delicious, but as the saying goes, "to each person his own." What Corey does in this book is survey all the different options with regards to technical trading, leaving it up to the reader to determine what works best for them. This is a fantastic way to teach as we do best at what interests us most.

Delving into the book a bit, Rosenbloom goes through the usage of indicators, how to use them, and how they are CALCULATED. Most trading platforms come with hundreds of different indicators and 99% of traders who use these indicators have no idea how they are calculated, yet they still use them. While I (and SMB for that matter) don't use very many indicators, I think it's very important to know exactly what I'm using while I'm trading.

Corey also gives the reader insight on the proper usage of Fibonacci retracement as well as a brief overview of Elliot Wave Theory. You might say this book is an enjoyable master's course in all things technical analysis. For this information to be available in "Complete Trading Course" today can only be viewed as a win for every day investors.

To the beginning trader, it can be overwhelming to know where to even start. Corey does a great job of breaking down the decision making process that he makes when placing a trade. From analyzing trends, to understanding the importance of momentum, and finally tying it all together with some straightforward setups near the end of the book, this is definitely the next book to go get for library of the every day investor.

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