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Personal Finance By The Book

Category: Blogs
It is about you. I want to be your consumer advocate. I want to give you good reasons to do the right things with your finances. I plan to be open and transparent about my own journey and how it dovetails with biblical principles and your own journey. I covet your input. If you disagree with ANYTHING I write, please speak up. And if I get something right, I appreciate your taking the time to let me know.
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Lots of personal finance experience
The author of this blog discusses how he and his family were in tremendous debt several years ago. He and his wife took the bull by the horn and decided to eliminate a significant portion of their debt by implementing cost-cutting strategies which he discusses regularly in his blog. There are numerous articles here for students and married couples as well as retiring/retired couples. Read the article titled “Five Steps to Give you Power over Purchase “ – learn to avoid buyer’s remorse and research before you spend. There are a number of great articles just like this one which I’m confident you will use to your advantage!

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Spur20 Houston, TX

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