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MarketSci - Market Timing Strategies

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We're in the business of developing swing trading strategies that consistently outperform the market.
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Most transparent daily market timer I have found
Michael Stokes runs several market timing strategies which use actively traded mutual funds (no transaction fee per trade) to attempt to time daily moves in the stock market. His signals are available by subscription, or you can sign up for a managed account where the trades are made automatically on your behalf.

I was originally attracted to this website after they had a spectacular 2008 (along with just about every other daily market timer), but since late 2009 their performance has leveled off (but done better than other similar services which had huge losses). As of this writing (March 3rd 2010), they have been essentially flat for several months.

The best thing about MarketSci is Michael's dedication to absolute transparency. His signals are independently audited by TimerTrac, and he regularly discusses his ongoing research into timing methods on his terrific blog:


If I see his signals start to make steady profits again, I would seriously consider signing up for a managed account.

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