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Miles Stoner: I'm a day-trader. I'm 27. I learned to trade at the end of high school when I was 18, so I've been doing this for 9 years. I paid for my masters degree in political science at the University of Texas by trading stock and mutual funds. I've created this blog to extend my own knowledge as well as help others make boomwins. I'm a day trading scalper first, investor second, and penny stock momentum guy last.
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Boomwin - 1 Hour Trading Lesson - Excellent Teaching
Just finished the 1 hour trading lesson with Miles from Boomwin and it is well worth the money. It is one on one training with voice and and PowerPoint presentation going over the Short and Long set ups that he plays that are proven to work.

Miles is a voiced member on Investors Underground and plays the set ups everyday that he goes through in the presentation. His teaching is really easy to understand and you will learn very quickly from the chart patterns that he shows you.

In addition, on many of the setups that he shows you how he has traded them he and shows where he entered and exited and where he put his stop.

I highly recommend this training, whether you are a day trader or swing trader as these setups do work time and time again.

For $100 for the hour you cannot go wrong, Miles knows his stuff, is a good teacher and you will learn from this.

In addition on his blog every night he puts up his scan for the next day. I recommend reading it and putting some of his ideas into action.

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Stevebaldwin Plano, Texas

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