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MarketPolitics JPMorgan Chase Bank
Take your money out of this crooked A$$...
Listen, this is about morals and ethics and not about your so called service bullsh*t. I can be of service to you but if I'm stealing your wealth and your family's wealth for years to come...
kidspouseme Citibank
Banking/Credit Cards - Citibank.
Only use these guys for my latest balance transfer - they have the most advantageous terms for 0% interest if you need to transfer some debt. Currently the best offer I have seen in the last...
m1llz28 Citibank
Great Bank but hate their tight...
I have banked with Citibank for the last 5 years. They are a great bank with great customer service. Only thing that annoys me is the security procedures they put a customer through for every...
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