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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Investimonials website and our mission to provide you with accurate and honest financial product reviews.

What is Investimonials.com?

A place to discover the best financial products...and to weed out the worst. We want to help readers 'invest in the best' because saving you money and helping you grow and get rich is our top priority. Read reviews, discuss products in the forums and comment on the blog. No matter how you share, we welcome your input and encourage you to write as openly and honestly as possible. The more 'helpful' votes your reviews and comments receive, the more prizes and special product discounts you win.

Is Investimonials.com Free?

100% free for users because we make money through sponsorship, affiliates and ads.

Why Use Investimonials.com?

It's hugely important that the finance industry have a credible source of independent reviews and up until now that hasn't happened. Users should take pride in writing honest and useful reviews to help others learn which products are best and worst. It's also fun to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes like free newsletters, DVDs and trades.

What Should I Be Reviewing On Investimonials?

Anything and everything financial! Our categories consist of brokers, newsletters, DVDs, books, websites, blogs, software and freebies. There are over 3,000+ products in our database, but we'll never stop adding so please do suggest products!

Who Can See My Reviews & My Personal Information?

Visitors to Investimonials can see your username and can read your reviews. You may also choose to show your location and investment style by editing your profile. You can even use a screen name if you prefer. Only registered Investimonials users may vote and comments on your reviews.

What are these badge icons I see next to users?

We have created a badge system to help differentiate our large users base. We are always adding new badges, and currently have the following:

Has written mostly positive reviews
Has written mostly negative reviews
Has a high percentage of recommended reviews
Writes longer reviews than most
A long term member of Investimonials
Has written the first review on a product
Is following a user or product
Has at least one product in their portfolio

What's a Trust Score?

A Trust Score is based on several factors that determine which users are more likely to be reliable. The higher the score (1-10), the more reliable the user. This metric should allow users to quickly see which users are more likely to be trustworthy.

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