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Alpha 7 Trading Academy

The Alpha 7 Proprietary Trading Academy moves theory to actual practice by giving students and experienced traders the ability to hone their trading and...
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demersal SMB Capital
on top of their game
SMB Capital is one of the hottest prop desks currently. They're on TV, they're in the magazines, they're on YouTube, they have a stellar blog (smbtraining.com/blog), they have one of the best...
ANOTHONYPROMISE Alpha 7 Trading Academy
jea is the man.
Jea is an awesome trader and great at breaking down strategies. support is really on point too. I have nothing but good things to say about them in that regard. Jea teaches a momentum based...
demersal Coastal Trade Securities
I was contacted by one of their new...
I have been contacted by their new accounts staff on several occasions. They seem very professional, they use the LightSpeed platform (only, don't ask for another), and they were willing to...
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