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red99vr4 PennyStocking DVD
This is how I turned $200 into $4000.
OK so maybe my story isnt as great as Tims 12k into 2 million but who cares right? I watched this video when traveling cross country and I was instantly hooked. I got home and transfered 200...
LonnieHampton JohnWelshTrades DVD - Resume Is Real Time
Basic production but the content is...
Welsh advertises this as an excellent presentation for beginning and intermediate traders, and that's an accurate label. He goes over the psychology of trades, especially loss, which few...
lattamoney23 Shortstocking + TIMfundamentals
movie night
times funfamentals is great i think it is the bulk of his stradgy where you will lern the most i havethe tim fundamentals and love it cant say much for the shortstocking have not seen it but...