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kblehman Pennystocking Framework DVD
Lengthy DVD with hit & miss information
This Tim Sykes DVD set covers his 4th annual conference. It was recorded in Las Vegas (2011 I think) and is 15 hours in length. Tim's strategy obviously works, but this DVD set is a bit of a...
deadjim Why Traditional Technical Analysis Doesn't Work
No products here
This website has a grand total of one page. He doesn't go into what he's selling other than a ton of dvds/cds written/developed by other people. The bottom 95% of the page is a long list of...
red99vr4 TIMfundamentals
Everything you need to know about...
The first part of the dvd kinda pissed me off cause the guy in the video didnt look interested in what Tim was talking about and kept eating and drinking the whole time. The 2nd part was...