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Wasatch Girl

Category: Blogs
Rachel Strate has been an Analyst for EPIC Ventures since 2005. Subsequently in 2007 she was also a researcher for the best-selling book “The Breakthrough Company”, written by Keith McFarland and published by Random House in January 2008.
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The textbook example of "Meh"
I only looked at Wasatch Girl because I was intrigued by the name. The Wasatch are a mountain range running in the Mountain West of the US so I was hoping it might be a mining/resource blog.

unfortunately it's not.

Anyway it seems like it's just a sporadically and rarely updated personal blog for Rachel Strate, a venture capitalist from Utah (good place to be for that lately) on things that interest her (VC, PE and volunteering) She seems like a pretty cool and competent person based on her bio and writings, but the fact of the matter is her blog isn't terribly valuable at this point to the active trader/investor when compared to other more reliably updated offerings out there.

What she does write and share is interesting and well presented. I liked her Microfinance map. That's a subject I find interesting. Plus she made it look very sharp check it out



I also really liked her take on VC's current state back last summer


so clearly the author has the capability to share some cool stuff, my guess is she is too busy in the real world to blog though, A nice problem to have. :) But as a blog reader I only benefit from her blogs, so that's all I can rate her on.

What seals the deal for the one star is no updates since October.

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