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Category: Blogs
My name is Dominic Nardone & have been trading the Markets since 2004. I created this site for your perusal to improve your trading skills by sourcing the best of the best in terms of products/service & quality content/info so you don't have to. I share my findings & experiences via my site & also via my 'Subscription-Free' Live Trading Room to help build your trading income the right way, as I build mine, so feel free to use my site & all it has to offer! If you would like to learn & have 1-2-1 coaching, by all means get in touch...
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Dominic is a great trader and teacher
Dominic does all he can to teach and educate all whilst he is trading live.

He is happy to help anyone and everyone it seems on a 1-2-1 basis so for education I give him 5 out of 5.

I have to say Dominic also is a likeable guy who plays whatever music you request while we trade alongside him and has a pleasantly relaxed and informal manner.

I think I would have to give Dominic Top marks for value based on his no monthly subscription policy meaning he doesn't charge you for his time and only takes a cut of the profits he helps you make. And if I don't make money with Dom, he simply wouldn't charge for his time.

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