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Tischendorf Letter

Category: Blogs
Trading High Potential Stocks
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Not flashy but pretty decent resource swing trading blog
I haven't read Tischendorf for long but so far it's pretty decent and it's becoming a read I look forward to.

Olivier focuses mainly focuses on resource plays of swing to position trading length, which I like since in case you haven't noticed we are in year 9 or so of a mega bull in resources.

As an added bonus (or negative depending on your POV) many of the plays he mentions are on foreign exchanges. This I find particularly interesting as that is an area that I have little experience with. Given the future state of the world economy, I find that insight to be valuable. I think it's highly possible the best plays in the years to come will not be limited to the US.

he updates fairly frequently but not everyday. Which is probably not a bad thing, as some bloggers get a tendency over share so they keep posting, even if it's just mediocre ideas. Personally I prefer quality over quantity.

The content of the site is nice mix between trade ideas and tip/tricks for everyday issues traders have to deal with.

What I really like about the site is the xtra little frills. Nice little touches for newer traders/investors. He has a pretty respectable quotes section, trading rules and list of relevant books. He also has a mobile version of the site (ooooo)

His free newsletter I haven't tried, so I can't say if it's of value or not. It appears that is the only way to have any idea what exactly he himself actually trades.

One oddity is that he doesn't allow comments. and doesn't seem to explain why in FAQ. That's a bit suspicious, but could have an innocent explanation.

The major downside I see? Lack of transparency. No track record posted or list of current positions.

Other than that very notable caveat, Tischendorf is worth a look if you like commodity and resource plays

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