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The Altucher Confidential

Category: Blogs
In the past 15 years I’ve been professionally involved with many different styles of investing: futures trading, daytrading, value investing, arbitrage, private equity investing, etc. One common thread from every style of investing is the ever-present worry that pervades my consciousness whenever I part with money to make an investment. I’ve been a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur who has successfully started and sold three different businesses, I’ve traded for hedge funds, ran a fund of hedge funds, and daytraded for proprietary trading firms. I’ve bought and sold millions of shares of stocks, futures, debt deals, venture deals, etc. Additionally, being an entrepreneur and making payroll every month forces one to anticipate every possible scenario that could block you from making that payroll. Because if payroll is not paid out of your revenues, then it’s paid out of your pocket.
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Displaying 1-0 of 0 Total Reviews
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