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Jay Biddy Trader

Category: Blogs
I show my trades in real-time and try to be as transparent as possible. I am a full-time trader and make over 60% of my income from trading, not my subscription service. My trades have worked in bear, bull and sideways markets. I’ve had several periods of explosive growth since I started trading options in 2007. This 37 day period of over 4,000% growth was the quickest growth I’ve ever experienced, but 4,000% in a month is not the norm. Even though 2011 was a tough year, my option account was still up nearly 200% and my net trading profits were just under $200,000. I started with only $5,500 in 2007 and I’ve made over $700,000 in profits since then. If you are looking for a get rich quick trading service, this service is not for you. This growth took me four years. It will take you at least a year or two to learn how to consistently profit. Dan Zanger studied for over 20 years before he made substantial profits, but his learning curve was longer because it was before computers and real-time charts. With today’s technology, you can learn much quicker than 20 years, but it will still take time. Trading takes hard work and patience. This journey will sometimes be painful and you will be forced to confront some of your weaknesses, but the discipline and growth you gain through trading will help you in all of your life. You can make a tremendous amount of money if you are willing to work hard and learn from your mistakes. I look forward to trading with you!
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Highly profitable, educational, transparent service
Jay is fantastic. He is transparent, posts all trades (winners and losers) on his track record (which is very solid), and is extremely active in educating his subscribers on why he's trading what he's trading. He posts videos describing setups and potential setups, and updates on trades in progress. I've learned more from this service than all my other research and reading combined. He's active in the chat room every day and responds to any questions anyone has, kindly and without attitude or impatience, even rookie questions. The chat room is full of other active traders and day traders, and the knowledge you'll pick up there is worth well more than the monthly fee.

Highly, highly recommend.

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MattWilliamson New York, NY

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