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One of the most popular approaches to the analysis of market movement is Technical Analysis. Over the years, we have been equipped with various indicators, chart patterns, candlestick patters and mathematical methods of analysis. In my personal quest for a tool that could effectively predict market movements, I realized that all the resources available to us depend primarily on price movements. Hence, it is but irrational to expect that any given tool will predict the movement of something that it itself depends upon. Nevertheless, we have no reason to cast them away. Technical tools do not “predict” but “analyse” what exactly is going on in the markets. Hence, over the years, I personally tried to develop an indicator which could detect price trends, the only difference being, as early as possible. And thus I developed this one. To use this indicator, one has simply got to follow the trading signal arrows that it presents from time to time. Being an “always in the market” system, a trader will always be in position, either short, or long. Once an opposing signal is displayed, one simply needs to square off his positions and enter reverse positions. With extensive backtesting based on historical data, this tool is designed to perform in any market segment, be it Forex, Futures, Stocks, Indices or Commodities. Moreover, I have added another popular resource, the Camarilla Pivot Points. From my observation, the markets tend to react to them more often that they do with conventional pivot points. Visitors are requested to read the guide on trading Camarilla Pivots at the Camarilla Levels page.
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