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20s Money

Category: Blogs
My name is Kevin and 20smoney.com is my creation. I have a strong interest in finance, investing, and entrepreneurship.
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General-but-fairly-thorough discussions, regularly updated
Good discussions on realist-minded perspectives of financial lifestyles in America.

Doesn't go into too much depth with anything, but Kevin's got the right idea in his approach....young adults need to wake the f%^! up about the grim future they're stepping into with a firmly-entrenched corporate state out to get them.

Blogposts with titles like "Attention Americans: While You’re Watching Football, Your Future Is Being Pissed Away" are there to get your attention for a reason; besides blogging being a slightly narcissistic activity for many, this guy's got worthwhile perspectives here.

Very good 'starter reading' about gold, mainstream economic delusions, etc. Recommended.

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Tommy_Kurtz Hickory Tree, NC

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