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Krash TurboTax Tax Prep
Have used for years...very good. Gets...
I've used TT to do my taxes for the past 5-6 years. And every year it's been an easy, straight-forward process. And now with their "Maximum Tax Refund" it's just gotten better. It's...
Krash StockVision-PowerScan
PowerScan app looks good
The GUI is a bit old and maybe not as flashy, but the software is functional and straight forward. The scans come with several Filters and others you can add via the Sharing tab, which is...
kendemasters iSwim - iPhone App
Great iphone app stinks on blackberry
tos has a grat iphone app. easy to use. you can have a nice watchlist. if you use tos though and only have a bb ur screwed. it stinks for them.