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Schaeffer Investment Research Options Advisor Service

Category: Newsletters
Schaeffer’s Investment Research Inc. offers real-time option trading services to investors, as well as a full array of print and multi-media educational offerings, including daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. The SchaeffersResearch.com Web site provides financial news and commentary, as it happens, throughout the market day, plus stock screeners, filters and many other option tools to give investors an edge.
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Promisses and Promisses
Well, I am not a stranger to Options. Have done my own picks and used many techniques. As a result of time restraints and being on the road, I thought I would use this firm that claims to have over 35 yrs of experience. Fortunately I first wrote their trades only in simulation. I will not waste your time with numbers but they have a penchant for selecting trades that create huge loses. Even if you believe in the 2% rule, their trade recommendations still resulted in huge net loses. They also then refused to refund even only 10% of my payment. The market has been zooming upward and they still cannot make even 40% winners. Some trades were so poor I just cannot believe they "know" what they are doing! It is not even worth a learning experience. So, with all their loses they still keep asking me to purchase more of their option services at ridiculous inflated prices. Yes, I know Options are risky. But using Schaeffer as an option advisor is even more risky. So, be cautious if you want to try this service.

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