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Dr. Samir Elias' Generate Thousands

Category: Newsletters
Generate thousands.com is a different kind of service that allows the individual investor to unlock the fortune hidden in the stock market. Through computational analysis we screen thousands of stocks each week to gauge the extent of buying...
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Professional no-nonsense trading system
Buys longs, mostly <$15 high beta stocks, it seems quite a lot of China stocks (which are a bit out of favor at the time of writing but normally profitable if handled correctly). Also sells out of the money puts on short squeeze candidates for regular and reliable income. Good portfolio management to keep a limited number of trades open at one time. I am impressed all the alerts come with chart and recommendation details. Entries and exits are given along with market commentary and trading updates. Solid support and communication. Absolutely exceptional value for $250 annually. The only reservations I have are that it has not always been easy for us to get fills so as to match the service results. I think the nimble manual traders that the service caters to can get fills with not too many problems. However sometimes for auto-traders such as ourselves, we have had to settle for a few percent less profit on the trades in order to get reliable fills (e.g. currently where the service recommends +/- 10% for buying back a put, our auto-trader uses the figure of 15% to ensure fills) . Also (as currently) when the market is topping and somewhat adverse to China and high beta stocks generally - it has not been that fun. So you would want to keep allocations small in a correcting market (and the system itself does specify half-positions when the markets are toppy). But concerns from the current trading environment asside, the system itself (derived from Dr Elias' materials) is extremely professional and reliable. Unbelievable value at the price and good fun to trade. We are using Global Auto-Trading ourselves, but as the alerts come out pre-market, this would not be hard to trade manually as well. (greginjapan@gmail.com)

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