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mdwagner JohnWelshTrades DVD - Resume Is Real Time
Wealth of info from Welsh
I really hadn't paid much attention to John Welsh, although after seeing him speak live, and talking to him for a brief second I got the idea that he was the real deal, and generally cared...
thomasc PennyStocking Part Deux
Pennystocking on Red Bull
One could complain or one could give praise. I'm bad at choosing, so here's a bit of both. As stated, Tim was likely running off of Red Bull more than food, sleep, or oxygen, but he's a busy...
Darthtrader Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-Day Gap and Guerilla Trading with Ron Wagner - Part 1 by Pristine
Put me to sleep
I was debating about whether I should write a review on this or not because I couldn't finish watching it. It's really that boring. Ron seems like a really nice person, but isn't such a...