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lattamoney23 Shortstocking + TIMfundamentals
movie night
times funfamentals is great i think it is the bulk of his stradgy where you will lern the most i havethe tim fundamentals and love it cant say much for the shortstocking have not seen it but...
Trader975 PennyStocking DVD
Needs to work on teaching
Tim knows his stuff , he's a pretty good trader and his returns prove it , no doubt about that , but as a teacher , he probably needs to learn more about teaching , but i don't blame him...
mdwagner JohnWelshTrades DVD - Resume Is Real Time
Wealth of info from Welsh
I really hadn't paid much attention to John Welsh, although after seeing him speak live, and talking to him for a brief second I got the idea that he was the real deal, and generally cared...