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Controversial Commentators

Bob Pisani
A CNBC reporter since 1990, Bob Pisani has reported on Wall Street and the...
Based on 13 Total Reviews
Tim Seymour
Tim Seymour is the founder and Managing Partner at Seygem Asset Management and...
Based on 5 Total Reviews
Michael Eisner
Michael Eisner was the chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company from...
Based on 3 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

tim Jim Cramer
Sorry To See What He Has Become
When I first read his book 'Confessions of a Street Addict', I was pumped that someone REAL would be entering the financial commentary space. That lasted a few months, but we all know it's...
ShiraKashi Trish Regan
Another CNBC cutie
As usual, a decent reporter for CNBc with nice looks but hasn't demonstrated real market knowledge to me.
700HPVette Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer = Dont take him seriously
Jim Cramer is a complete waste of time. His show is entertaining, yes, but in a laughable way. Jim runs around the CNBC sound stage playing with rubber chickens and looking like a complete...
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Commentators Categories