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Schaeffers Investment Research

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Schaeffer’s Investment Research Inc. offers real-time option trading services to investors, as well as a full array of print and multi-media educational offerings, including daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. The SchaeffersResearch.com Web site provides financial news and commentary, as it happens, throughout the market day, plus stock screeners, filters and many other option tools to give investors an edge.
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Good Information, Poor Trade Recommendations
I have used a few products from Schaeffers Investment Research (SIR). In general, Schaeffers markets itself as taking a contrarian approach to the market. I've used their "Player Performer" series which are call/put option recommendations for front-month options. Typically the recommendations are for stocks that Schaeffers believes will make huge moves during expiration week. Taking a contrarian view on an option that expires in a few weeks is a very risky strategy and has a very low win percentage.  And even when it does win, it usually isn't enough to cover all the loses.  You might use it for very aggressive speculation trading, but it would not be good for someone's main trading program. In my opinion, you are better off trying throwing a few chips on the low percentage bets at the craps table in Las Vegas. At least there you get a free drink.

While I'm not a huge fan of their paid services, I do like their options education information. They developed a system called "expectational analysis" which is a hybrid of technical and fundamental analysis combined with a little trading sentiment analysis. It looks at interested statistics like the open interest, put/call ratio, and other metrics to try to gauge the sentiment of a stock. It provides some nice little data points that you can use in combination with other analysis. Also, their Sentiment magazine is a good read with a lot of interesting options trading strategies.

Visit their site when investigating a stock but their are probably better recommendation services out there.

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